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Hispano Suiza H6B

This is the Hispano Suiza H6B Erdmann & Rossi Cabriolet, as built in 1928. In the 1920s the H6B chassis was one of the most comfortable and safe chassis around and the main competitor of the contemporary Rolls Royces. Many different coach builders designed bodies for the H6B. This one is designed by Erdmann & Rossi of Berlin.

General specifications
Country of origin Spain
Produced in 1924
Numbers built 2150 - 2350 (all bodies)
Body design Erdmann & Rossi
Engine aluminium Straight 6
Engine location Front, longitudinally mounted
Displacement 6.597 litre / 402.6 cu in
Valvetrain 2 valves/cylinder, SOHC
Fuel feed 1 Solex Twin Choke Carburettor
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Gearbox 3 Speed Manual
Drive Rear wheel drive
 Performance figures
Power 135 bhp / 100.7 kW @ 2500 rpm
BHP/Liter 20.5
Top Speed 83.9 mph / 135.0 km/h