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Mercedes Benz 540K

The 540K chassis was the top model in the Mercedes Benz line up ever since its introduction in 1936 when it replaced the 500K. At the heart of the pressed steel frame type chassis was a 5.4 litre straight eight engine equipped with an engageable supercharger. Without the supercharger engaged the engine produced 115 bhp and when engaged it was good for another 65bhp. The chassis was available with many body types; various convertibles, a sedan, a tourer, a coupe and this Special Roadster.

The Special Roadster can be recognized by its characteristic 'v-shaped' front windscreen. With a price of 12.500 RM (Reichsmark) added on the chassis price of 15.500 RM for the Special Roadster it was the most expensive variant of the 540K. The Special Roadster was a genuine supercar which rivaled Bugatti's Type 57SCs.

Mercedes Benz planned the 540K to be replaced by the V12 engined 600K but those plans were cut short by the Second World War.

General specifications
Country of origin Germany
Years of production 1938 - 1939
Weight 2400 kilo / 5291.1 lbs
Engine M 24 II Straight 8
Engine Location Front , longitudinally mounted
Displacement 5.401 litre / 329.6 cu in
Valvetrain 2 valves / cylinder, OHV
Fuel feed Mercedes Benz Updraft Carburettor
Aspiration Roots-Type Supercharger
Gearbox 4 speed Manual
Drive Rear wheel drive
Performance figures
Power 180 bhp / 134 KW @ 3400 rpm
Torque 431 Nm / 318 ft lbs @ 2200 rpm
BHP/Litre 33 bhp / litre
Power to weight ratio 0.08 bhp / kg
Top Speed 170 km/h / 106 mph