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The C3 C was launched in the 1921 Paris Salon and was marketed as either a bare chassis or as a torpedo bodied sports car. Front barkes were optional in 1922! By 1923 brakes on all four wheels were standard and while sold as a bare chassis, the body designs were always inspired by Voisin design. C3 cars gained 1st 2nd 3rd and 5th places in the 1922 Strasbourg GP. About 440 cars were built before being replaced by the C5 in 1924.

Type 4 cylinder sleeve valve
capacity 3969 cm3
bore and stroke 95 X 140 mm
power output 90CV
induction horizontal Zenith carburettor
valves sleeve
cooling water pump and radiator
ignition Magneto
Transmission rear wheels
clutch single plate
gearbox 4 manual