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Avions Voisin C25 Aerodyne (1934 - 1935)

Cimier model

By 1933, the existing Voisin models were becoming outdated, as the new fashion was for 'aerodynamics'. Voisin managed to persuade his administrators to let him design a new model, the C25. The new design incorporated swept wings and finally departed from the previous angular forms. Front bucket seats and a rear seat for three were included. The interior was light and airy, in part due to a series of portholes let into the roof. Although the real excitement during that Paris Salon was the launch of the Citroen Traction Avant, many were struck with the lines of the Voisin. Concerned that the design might not be to the liking of more stayed clientele, Voisin also produced the Cimier model on the same chassis. The Aerodyne is one of the most desirable models of the marque.

With the roof open, there was a complete absence of frame, giving a wonderful open aspect.


Wheelbase 3280 mm
Track 1400 - 1350 mm
top speed 150 kph
production 28
Type 6 cylinder in line sleeve valve
capacity 2994 cm3
bore and stroke 76 X 110
power output 90CV
induction 2 Zenith carburettors
valves sleeve
cooling water pump
ignition distributor and coil
Transmission rear wheels
clutch multi disk clutch plate
gearbox 4 speed (with 2 rear)manual