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Avions Voisin C28 (1935)


Yet again in 1935 Voisin changed his model to the C28. There was a new engine and for the first time, hydraulic brakes were fitted. Standard bodies were fitted with the exception of  a few large limousine structures more reminiscent of period hen houses despite their obvious luxury!


Wheelbase 3280 mm
Track 1400 - 1350 mm
top speed 140 kph
production 30
Type 6 cylinder in line sleeve valve
capacity 3318 cm3
bore and stroke 80 X 110
power output 110CV
induction 2 carburettors
valves sleeve
cooling water pump and air cooling
ignition distributor and coil
Transmission rear wheels
clutch multi disk clutch plate
gearbox 4 speed electromagnetic Cotal