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Auburn 8 Phaeton

The talent of such designers as Gordon Buehrig and Alan Leamy inspired the designs of E. L. Cord's Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company .  These designs gave E. L.'s company the ability to continue operations and produce some of the most stunning examples of classic automobile design despite the depression.


Auburn's mission was to provide a stylish and innovative automobile to the public at an affordable price.  That mission was accomplished with amazing results.  In 1931, the Auburn was introduced with new styling thanks to Leamy.  The new designs were so popular over 4,000 orders were taken at the New York Auto Show alone.


One of the few changes made for 1932 was the choice of making a Columbia two-speed rear axle standard equipment on all models.  Fortune hailed the 1932 Auburn as "The biggest package in the world for the price."

Auburn produced 11,145 cars in 1932 from only two models, the 8-100 (pictured) and the 12-160. At the time the 12-160 was priced at only $975 for the coupe version and remains the only twelve cylinder car ever sold in America for less than $1,000. Auburn cars had to be priced economically at this time as sales were plummeting. 1932 production was less than a third of what was produced in 1931 (34,228 which was Auburns greatest year) and was the last year that production would be over 10,000 units. Auburn suffered nearly a million dollar loss in this year of the depression.

1933 Auburn 8-105 Salon Phaeton

Year 1933
Make Auburn
Model 8-105 Salon Phaeton
Engine Location Front
Drive Type Rear Wheel
Engine Configuration S
Cylinders 8
Aspiration/Induction Normal
Displacement 269.00 CU IN. | 4408.9 cc. | 4.4 L.
Horsepower 100.00 HP (73.6 KW)
HP / Liter 22.7 BHP / Litre
Fuel Type Gasoline - Petrol
Standard Transmission
Gears 3
Transmission Manual
Doors 4
Wheelbase 127.001 in | 3225.8 mm.