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Lagonda 4.5 litre LG 45

When people think of British exploits at Le Mans, Bentley (during the 1920's) is usually the name that comes to mind, or Jaguar during the 1950's.  Little known is the fact that a Lagonda 4 1/2 litre won the race in 1935.

In 1936, the LG45 was announced with a new streamlined body designed by Frank Feeley.  It featured synchromesh on third and top gears, hydraulic dampers and automatic chassis lubrication.  W.O. Bentley's design improvements to the Meadows engine included an improved crossflow inlet manifold cast into the cylinder head and a lightened flywheel.

1937 saw the introduction of the LG45 Rapide, a glamorous open four seater with helmet wings, external exhaust pipes and round tapering tail.

The maximum speed was 108 MPH (174 KPH) with 0-50 mph in 9.4 seconds.

Only 25 were built (of which 24 still exist).

Wheelbase 3277 mm 129 in  
Track front      
Length 4801 mm 189 in  
Width 1778 mm 70 in  
Kerb weight 1994 kg 4396 lb  
Manufacturer Meadows
Type S-6
12 valves total
2 valves per cylinder
Bore stroke 88.50mm 120.60mm
3.48 in 4.75 in
Bore/Stroke ratio 0.73
Displacement 4451 cc
(271.617 cu in)
Unitary capacity 741.83 cc/cylinder
Compression ratio 7.50:1
Fuel system 2 SU carbs
Aspiration Normal
Max. output 152.1 PS (150.0 bhp) (111.9 kW)
Coolant Water
Specific output 33.7 bhp/litre
0.55 bhp/cu in
0-50mph (80 km/h) 10.30s
Top speed 167 km/h
Power-to-weight 75.23 bhp/ton
Engine location Front
Engine alignment Longitudinal
Suspension Front LA.SE.
Rear LA.SE.
Drive RWD
Top gear ratio 1.00
Final drive ratio 3.58