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Lagonda 2 litre high chassis speed model (1930)

It was the new OHV engine of 1925, designed by Arthur Davidson, which was to herald a change of direction towards sports car production. The first of the four-cylinder, 2-litre cars was shortly joined by a six-cylinder, 3-litre model, and following a trend towards six-cylinder engines of moderate horsepower with exceptional flexibility, August 1932 was to see the announcement of the 16/80 Special Six.

This new model was powered by an engine supplied by Crossley, renowned for its strength and flexibility, being used in the Crossley Silver model which had first appeared during 1928. To all intents and purposes, the 16/80 chassis specification was very similar to the earlier 14/60 Continental, having the same wheelbase. Although the Crossley engines were supplied as complete units to the Lagonda factory at Staines, they were stripped, examined and weighed before being re-assembled and bench run prior to fitment to the chassis. The Lagonda engineers extracted more power from these engines as well as improving the cooling and breathing qualities. It is believed that the 16/80 designation referred to a combination of the horsepower rating and the maximum speed.

For the 1930 Brooklands Double 12 race Lagonda modified one of their 2 litre models. The car was made as light as possible by covering the wooden body frame with fabric. The aluminum skin that is normally underneath the fabric was left off to save weight making the car flex a lot resulting in considerable panel contact. The Double 12 race consisted of two 12 hour races with the cars in a closed parking overnight, the teams were not allowed to touch the cars during that time. The featured car finished ninth overall and second in the 2 litre class.

Produced in 1930
Weight 1100 kg / 2425.1 lbs
Engine Straight 4
Engine location Front, longitudinally mounted
Displacement 1.954 liter / 119.2 cu in
Valvetrain 2 valves/cylinder, DOHC
Fuel feed Carburetor
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Gearbox 4 Speed Manual
Drive Rear wheel drive
 Performance figures
Power 85 bhp / 63.4 kW @ 4000 rpm
BHP/Liter 43.5
Torque 150 Nm / 110.6 ft lbs
Power to weight ratio 0.08 bhp/kg
Top Speed 99.4 mph / 160.0 km/h