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Lagonda 2 litre supercharged

1932 Lagonda 2 litre supercharged Low Chassis T3 Tourer is one of the rarest and most desirable lagonda modelsí and few would argue the attractiveness of the car with its sportingly low chassis and cut-away doors.

The low chassis cars are a development following the Lagonda Company's efforts at Le Mans in 1928. For the low chassis engine the dynamo was moved from the offside to the nose of the crankshaft where it fitted underneath the radiator. On the earlier engines of this sort, the idler gear which had driven it was removed, thus reversing the camshaft's direction of rotation and, since similar camshafts were used, necessitating a change of firing order. After quite a short production run, the idler gear was replaced and the later engines returned to the 1-2-4-3 order.

The inlet passages of the 2-litre engine were its Achilles heel due to their tortuousness and, in 1930, a supercharged version was introduced. This had a slightly longer bonnet to accommodate the blower which was carried vertically in front of the engine. They also had a more robust, balanced crankshaft and a 3 litre rear axle. Unfortunately they were never too reliable due to cooling problems and, although fast, used a great deal of petrol.