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Bristol Type 409 5.2 litre saloon (1965 - 1968)
our thanks to the Bristol owners club


Power is now claimed to be 250bhp at 440 rpm. Under the bonnet, an alternator is fitted in lieu of a dynamo; the road springs are not as stiff as those on the 408 and the ride is softer. There is a lever-operated parking lock fitted to the transmission rear drive shaft; this must be disengaged before selecting gear and moving off. The rear axle also has a slightly higher gearing ratio. A heated rear window was now fitted as standard.

Price new 4,849
Compression 9:1
Capacity (cu.in.) 318
Capacity (cc) 5,211
Length 16' 1"
Width 5' 8"
Height 4' 11"
Weight (cwt) 32
Top Speed 132
Consumption (mpg) 15-21