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Bristol Type 405D 2 litre drophead coupé (1954 - 1958)
our thanks to the Bristol owners club


This Type was the company's 2nd and less speculative production of a Drophead Coupé. However, unlike its stablemate the Type 405 Saloon, it was to be part bodied out with the works under a contract placed with ED Abbott Ltd of Farnham. The Type 405 D body option was introduced, along with the Type 405 Saloon, in 1954, but unlike the Type 405 Saloon, it was manufactured only to order. 51 of these attractive bodies were made. Production of the Type 405 D ceased in 1958.

The body is easily identified by the two large doors and soft top.

From the rear, the body is visibly less raked than the saloon version of the 405. This gives the effect that the vestigial fins are more pronounced. In fact they are exactly the same size.

In this rear view the hood is raised and reveals the plastic rear window aperture.