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Aston Martin S type (1927)
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Despite Bamford and Martin Ltd being in dire financial straits, their efforts with their early Aston Martins were not ignored. In 1926, a new company, Aston-Martin Motors Ltd. was formed; an association between the Charnwood family who had supported Lionel Martin and Renwick and Bertelli Ltd. (owned by William Renwick and Augustus Cesare Bertelli). Renwick and Bertelli had only just designed their own car (called the Buzzbox) in order to test and perfect a 1 they planned to make and sell to other motor manufacturers. By buying into Aston Martin, the marque had acquired a new high quality, powerful engine. Aston Martin moved to a factory in Victoria Road in Feltham, Middlesex in late 1926 and by the 1927 Motor Show at Olympia, a new range of cars was first shown. An adjacent bodyshop in Victoria Road was also opened by A.C. Bertelli's brother, Enrico (later known as E. Bertelli Ltd) and this is where a vast majority of Aston Martins received their coachbuilt bodies for the next ten years.

At the 1927 show, Aston Martin unveiled three completely new models, the most sporty of which was a pretty 3 seater sports model (S-type) on a shorter, lower chassis. The cars sold very slowly and Aston Martin was close to being bankrupt until a new car, the International, was shown at the 1929 Motor Show and sales began to take off.

This is an example of a 1929 sports model with 2 seater bodywork. The 1495cc engine in its earliest form was able to deliver about 56 bhp, sufficient to power the sports model to about 80 mph.

First series cars are distinguished from later cars by their separate gearbox and worm drive rear axle.