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Aston Martin Mk 2 and Ulster (1934 - 1935)

our thanks to www.astonmartins.com


Unveiled at the 1934 Motor Show, the Mark II was in effect an improved Le Mans model. The 1 litre engine could now produce 73bhp, the chassis was somewhat stiffer and the road holding was also improved. Again two chassis lengths were available, long for saloons, tourers and drophead coupes, short for 2 and 2/4 seater sports cars. The short chassis from the Mark II together with a modified engine and lightweight 2 seater body was used as Team cars and ultimately became the Ulster.

The distinctive and easily identifiable feature of the Mark II are the thermostatically controlled radiator shutters. Cycle type front winds were retained which still turned with the steering. The folded hood was again moved outside the body - not so good looking perhaps but it was more roomy for the rear seat passengers.


After the success of the Team Cars in the 1934 Ulster TT, Aston Martin made replicas available for the public to buy. With a lightweight two seater body and with the engine tuned to produce 85 bhp, they were guaranteed to reach 100 mph. The low, sleek, narrow body was fitted with a boat shaped tail to house the spare tyre. All this for just 750 - which was actually a large amount of money in 1934, especially for a car with only a 1.5 litre engine. 21 Ulsters were built in total and it is believed that every single car is still in existence.