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Aston Martin International (1929 - 1931)

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The International was a new model introduced at the 1929 London Motor Show and was based on the 1928 Team cars, the first in the LM series. It featured an underslung chassis to give the car a low and sporty look for the day and a dry-sump version of the 1 engine. The cycle wings, which were attached to the brake backing plates, turned with the steering wheels

Aston Martin International le Mans (1931)

For the 1931 London Motor Show at Olympia, Aston Martin introduced a near replica of their current team cars, a strict two seater called the International Le Mans.

Aston Martin International le Mans 2nd series (1932)

The New International was introduced in February 1932 on a brand new chassis and many new components. In order to reduce the cost of what was an expensive motor car, many more components were soured from outside manufacturers, such as the Laycock gearbox and ENV bevel axle. This allowed the price of a complete 2/4 seater to fall from 595 to only 475.The radiator had a slight but definite V shape which helps to identify the cars identified by the AMOC as belonging to the second series. The 'New' International was something of an interim model and only about 12 were built when it was effectively replaced by the Le Mans late in 1932.