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Aston Martin le Mans (1932 - 1933)
our thanks to www.astonmartins.com


Only a dozen or so of the New International were built until the Le Mans model was introduced in October 1932 to celebrate the success on the marque in the great race. It was available with both 2 and 2/4 seater coachwork and was a true production car unlike the rare Le Mans racecar replicas of 1931. The Le Mans had a much lower radiator line than the International together with a more powerful 70 bhp engine.

The Le Mans was incredibly successful with in excess of 100 examples built. It was good looking with it's low bonnet line (bodies by E. Bertelli Ltd. of course), plus the roof now folded inside the body. As it had become something of an Aston 'trade mark', the cars were all fitted with cycle wings which turn with the front wheels.

Aston Martin le Mans (1933)

In order to market a sporty 4 seater, Aston Martin introduced a Le Mans with a full 4 seater open body at the 1933 Motor Show. Known as the Le Mans 4 seater Special, the car was built on an extended Le Mans chassis but with low sporting build, external exhaust and cycle wings. Fifteen examples were constructed.