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Aston Martin DB 2/4 (1953 - 1955)
our thanks to www.astonmartins.com


Introduced to the public at the London Motor Show in 1953, the DB2/4 offered very much a first in the motoring world - since then much copied. It's Aston Martin that we have to thank for bringing the world the 'hatchback'. This came about as the DB2/4 was a four seater (really a 2+2) unlike the pure two seat DB2, and rear access was required for the occupants luggage.  The roofline of the DB2/4 was raised so as to provide extra headroom for rear seat passengers. Also the windscreen became a single piece full width curved affair.

As well as the useful hatchback, the DB2/4 can be distinguished from the earlier car by more substantial bumpers with over-riders. Also the headlamps were repositioned slightly higher as demanded by new safety regulations

Initially the 2/4 had as standard the 2.6 litre engine (2580 cc, VB6E/) in Vantage tune from the DB2 which produced 125bhp. Then from mid 1954, an enlarged 2.9 litre (2922 cc, VB6/J) was introduced giving 140bhp. This translates into a genuine 120mph top speed.

the Editor's 3 litre vantage in Colorado

Type 4/5S SAL
dimensions & weights
Wheelbase 2515 mm 99 in  
Track front 1372 mm 54 in  
rear 1372 mm 54 in  
Length 4305 mm 169.5 in  
Width 1651 mm 65 in  
Height 1359 mm 53.5 in  
Ground clearance 178 mm 7 in  
Kerb weight 1257 kg 2771 lb  
Weight distribution
50.40 %
Fuel capacity 77.3
UK Gal
US Gal
Type S-6
12 valves total
2 valves per cylinder
Bore stroke 78.00mm 90.00mm
3.07 in 3.54 in
Bore/Stroke ratio 0.87
Displacement 2580 cc
(157.441 cu in)
Unitary capacity 430 cc/cylinder
Compression ratio 8.16:1
Fuel system 2 SU carbs
Aspiration Normal
Max. output 126.7 PS (125.0 bhp) (93.2 kW)
@5000 rpm
Max. torque 195.0 Nm (144 lbft) (19.9 kgm)
@2400 rpm
Coolant Water
Specific output 48.4 bhp/litre
0.79 bhp/cu in
Specific torque 75.58 Nm/litre
0-50mph (80 km/h) 8.90s
0-60mph 12.60s
0-Quarter-mile 18.90s 
Top speed 179 km/h
Power-to-weight 99.44 bhp/ton
Engine location Front
Engine alignment Longitudinal
Turning circle 10.70 m
Suspension Front I.CS.
Rear LA.CS.
Brakes F/R Dr/Dr
Transmission 4M
Drive RWD
Top gear ratio 1.00
Final drive ratio 3.77