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Aston Martin 2 litre Speed Model (1936 - 1938)

our thanks to www.astonmartins.com


Following on from the disappointment over the aborted 1936 Le Mans race, 23 of the 25 chassis laid down in 1936 eventually became Speed Models, although delivery was spread over the following 4 years. Since various styles of body were used and some have subsequently been changed, the Speed models are terribly interesting for enthusiasts.

The performance of the Team Cars privately entered in the 24 hour race at Spa, Belgium must have encouraged another two people to take cars, both of which were raced in the 1936 RAC Tourist Trophy. On the left is the first example of a 'customer car' with a 2 seater Ulster style body by E Bertelli Ltd. One the right is a similar car; one of seven built with variations on the style of the Ulster. The second customer car Speed Model was originally built in the experimental shop for Richard Seaman to compete in the 1936 Tourist Trophy.

Richard Seaman was probably the best British Driver of the immediate pre-war period and due to this the factory did offer support to him with the race. After running well including the fastest lap for cars in it's class, the car unfortunately retired with a seized engine due to lack of oil. The car then spent some time being raced on the continent including the 1937 and 38 Mille Miglia. After returning to the UK after WW2 it's present body was fitted in 1950 at which time the car received the name 'Red Dragon'. The car is still a regular competitor in AMOC events. Six further speed models were subsequently bodied as 2/4 seaters by E Bertelli Ltd (retrospectively known as 'Type A')