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Aston Martin 15/98 (1936 - 1938)

our thanks to www.astonmartins.com


After the decision to reduce the number of 2 litre saloons to be built from 100 to just 50 was made, Gordon Sutherland had to introduce a revised model to take up the production capacity. So a short chassis (8' 6'') was introduced with the standard wet sump engine with the intention that the cars were to be more sporty than the 2 litre saloon and tourers but not out-and-out sportscars.

A.C. Bertelli resigned as a director early in 1937 after falling out with it's new owners, the Sutherland family. This also broke the link with E. Bertelli Ltd, run by the brother of A.C. Bertelli, allowing other coachbuilding companies to build bodies for production Aston Martins. Also at this time, E. Bertelli were most upset when the contract for the long chassis saloons was cut from 100 to just 50 examples.

Abbey Coachworks of Willesden produced a smart body of sporting appearance which was shown at the 1937 Motor Show (the first at Earls Court). The list price for the 2/4 seater was 575 complete and a total of 50 examples were built, many of which still survive.

The absolute epitome of a 30's roadster, the style of which can still be seen today in the sportscars made by the Morgan Company in Malvern, England. With 98bhp on tap from the 1949cc 4 cylinder engine, allows for a top speed of over 85mph.

As well as the short chassis 2/4 seaters bodied by Abbey, another model on the new  8' 6'' short chassis with the wet sump engine was announced in June 1937. The elegant drop head coupe was bodied by the coachworks, Abbots of Farnham and when unveiled at the 1937 Motor Show, was priced at 625 complete.

Wheelbase 2946 mm 116 in  
Track front 1387 mm 54.6 in  
rear 1384 mm 54.5 in  
Length 4724 mm 186 in  
Width 1651 mm 65 in  
Ground clearance 165 mm 6.5 in  
Kerb weight 1422 kg 3135 lb  
Fuel capacity 63.6
UK Gal
US Gal
Type S-4
8 valves total
2 valves per cylinder
Bore stroke 78.00mm 102.00mm
3.07 in 4.02 in
Bore/Stroke ratio 0.76
Displacement 1950 cc
(118.996 cu in)
Unitary capacity 487.5 cc/cylinder
Coolant Water
Suspension Front LA.SE.
Rear LA.SE.
Transmission 4M
Drive RWD
Top gear ratio 1.00
Final drive ratio 4.67