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Allard J2 X (1952)

The legendary J2X was a limited production racing/touring car. Even though only 83 were produced between 1951 and 1954, these were the most successful racers of the Allard collection. Although the Allard Motor Company never produced its own engines, it successfully integrated existing American V-8 power plants into its cars to threaten the dominance of racing circuits by larger producers. Factory Allard J2Xs were usually equipped with a Ford-Mercury flathead (or even exported without an engine), but it was the 331 cu. in. Cadillac and the Chrysler 331 Hemi Firepower that made its exploits legendary. At the rear, the J2Xís sported a deDion differential.

The Allardís racing notoriety came at the hands of individuals who are now legends in their own rights - Sydney Allard, Zora Arkus Duntov (Corvette pioneer), General Curtis LeMay (first commander of the Strategic Air Command), Carroll Shelby (entire 1953 season), as well as movie star, Steve McQueen.

Wheelbase 2540 mm 100 in  
Track front 1422 mm 56 in  
rear 1321 mm 52 in  
Length 3937 mm 155 in  
Width 1727 mm 68 in  
Height 1130 mm 44.5 in  
Kerb weight 1226 kg 2703 lb  
Type V-8
16 valves total
2 valves per cylinder
Bore ◊ stroke 96.80mm ◊ 92.00mm
3.81 in ◊ 3.62 in
Bore/Stroke ratio 1.05
Displacement 5416 cc
(330.505 cu in)
Unitary capacity 677 cc/cylinder
Compression ratio 7.50:1
Aspiration Normal
Max. output 182.5 PS (180.0 bhp) (134.2 kW)
Max. torque 437.0 Nm (322 lbft) (44.6 kgm)
@2400 rpm
Coolant Water
Specific output 33.2 bhp/litre
0.54 bhp/cu in
Specific torque 80.69 Nm/litre
0-60mph 8.00s
0-Quarter-mile 16.00s 
Top speed 193 km/h
Power-to-weight 146.82 bhp/ton
Engine location Front
Engine alignment Longitudinal
Drive RWD
Top gear ratio 1.00
Final drive ratio 3.27
Number made 83