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RM Riley specifications


    RM Models

  • RMA & RMB models
  • RMC model
  • RMD model
  • RME model
  • RMF model
  • RMH model

    1.5 Litre. (RMA) 2.5 Litre. (RMB)


    High camshafts and push-rod 90-deg o.h.v engine.
    12 hp 4cyl ohv                16 hp 4cyl ohv
    compression 6.8:1             compression 6.8:1
    69x100mm (1,496cc)            80.5x120mm (2,443cc)
    55bhp at 4,500rpm             90bhp at 4,300rpm
                                  (100bhp at 4,500rpm
                                  from Oct. 1948 onward)
    1 H2 SU carburettor           2 H4 S.U. carburettors.


    Four-speed gearbox.           Four-speed gearbox.
    Synchro on 2nd,3rd,4th.       Synchro on 2nd,3rd,4th.
    Overall gear ratios:          Overall gear ratios:
    1st 19.4 2nd 11.2,            1st 15.0, 2nd 8.86, 3rd 5.83,
    3rd 7.22 4th 4.88             3rd 5.83, 4th 4.11
    Reverse 19.4                  Reverse 15.0


    Independent front             Same.
    suspension with twin
    wishbones, torsion bars
    and hydraulic telescopic


    Rack and Pinion.              Same.


    Girling Hydro-mechanical.     Same.
    10inch dia drums.             12inch dia drums.


    24-1/2 cwt.                   28 cwt.


    Wheelbase 9ft 4-1/2ins.       Wheelbase 9ft 11ins.
    Length 14ft 10ins.            Length 15ft 6ins.
    Width 5ft 2-1/2ins.           Width 5ft 3-1/2ins.
    Height 4ft 9ins.              Height 4ft 11-1/2ins.
    Turning Circle 30ft.          Turning Circle 36ft.
    Weight 2,688lb                Weight 3,136lb


     709 18s 4d.                   1,125 3s 10d.
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    2-1/2-Litre (RMC)

    As for RMB 2-1/2-Litre except:


    Height 4ft 7ins.
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    2-1/2-Litre Drophead Coupe (RMD)

    As for RMB 2-1/2-Litre Saloon.
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    1-1/2-Litre Saloon (RME)

    As for RMA 1-1/2-Litre Saloon except:


    Overall gear ratios.
    1st 20.37, 2nd 11.73, 3rd 7.58, 4th 5.12. Reverse 20.37 to 1.
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    2-1/2-Litre Saloon (RMF)

    As for RMB 2-1/2-Litre Saloon except:
    11in diameter brake drums.
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    2-1/2-Litre Saloon Pathfinder (RMH)


    110bhp at 4,400rpm
    Compression 7.25


    Overall gear ratios.
    1st 13.59, 2nd 8.45, 3rd 5.88 4th 4.1 Reverse 18.42
    Overdrive available from March 1956.


    Servo-assisted hydraulic brakes with 12in drums.


    Wheelbase 9ft 5-1/2ins
    Length 15ft 3-1/2ins
    Width 5ft 7ins
    Height 5ft.
    Turning Circle 35ft 6ins
    Weight 3,416lb
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