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MG L type Magna (1933 - 1934)


The  L2 Magna had a straight-6, overhead cam engine borrowed from the new MG / Wolseley Hornet. This 1,087cc unit was capable of propelling the two-seater to a blistering 75mph from only 41bhp. The L2 is strictly a two-seater, as the L1 was capable of carrying four passengers. The L Magna had the 12in. brakes that were also being used on the MG J2.1244 cars produced in 2-seater and 4 seater open and closed configurations between 1931 and 1932. Price in 1932 = 250 ex works. Although the extra power was welcome, I do not feel that the car ever handled quite as well as the P series.

Wheelbase 2388 mm 94 in  
Track front 1067 mm 42 in  
rear 1067 mm 42 in  
Length 3302 mm 130 in  
Width 1308 mm 51.5 in  
Height 1270 mm 50 in  
Kerb weight 813 kg 1792 lb  
Fuel capacity 45.5
UK Gal
US Gal
Type S-6
12 valves total
2 valves per cylinder
Bore stroke 57.00mm 71.00mm
2.24 in 2.8 in
Bore/Stroke ratio 0.8
Displacement 1087 cc
(66.333 cu in)
Unitary capacity 181.17 cc/cylinder
Compression ratio 6.40:1
Fuel system 2 SU carbs
Aspiration Normal
Coolant Water
Specific output 37.7 bhp/litre
0.62 bhp/cu in
0-50mph (80 km/h) 18.00s
0-60mph 24.40s
Top speed 125 km/h
Power-to-weight 50.43 bhp/ton
Engine location Front
Engine alignment Longitudinal
Turning circle 9.90 m
Tyres F 19 x 4.5
Tyres R 19 x 4.5
Transmission 4M
Drive RWD
Top gear ratio 1.00
Final drive ratio 5.38