Luxurious Cars Around the World

Every Luxurious car has its market, such as some countries in Asia, they like to own luxurious comfort big MPV rather than a sedan. Both offer big engine displacement with standard V6 to the optional engine like V12. They are expensive but some have rapid depreciation. Rich people wouldn’t care about depreciation, fuel economy, or service cost what they want to ride is prestige and comfort. We would like to discuss what is luxurious trend cars around the world, we also put starting price on it but it may vary as taxes differentiate in each country.

Toyota Alphard

If you go across southeast Asia, you may see this car around. Toyota Alphard is a luxurious van with sliding doors, comes with a flat 4 engine and optional V6 engine. Toyota Alphard is one of the most favorites for rich people, offering 6 seater and 4 seater captain seats this car can handle a comforting journey from town to town or outside the province. Toyota has renowned for reliability and less service cost if you compare with European cars, this causes the car as a favorite for rich people. The cost of the new Toyota Alphard starts around 80,000 USD.

BMW 5 series & Mercedes Benz E-class

Both cars are undeniably for any reason to be luxurious mid-sedan in all around the world. They are offering from inline 4 engine to high-performance v8 engine, some include forced induction. Interiors are wrapped with leather, Alcantara, also wood trim or carbon fiber as optional. These cars would be the perfect choice for rich people who like to modify their cars as personal preferred. Mercedes E class also comes in sedan, wagon, and coupe body while BMW only offered in sedan and wagon. BMW has a coupe-style body but in different series which on 4 series only. This mid-sedan starting prices around 60,000 USD with full option could cost 130,000 USD. If you want to get Mercedes-benz car for free you can visit and play in There are several item that you may get such as rolex watch, iphone, and motorcytle. You only have to deposit and play games regularly for a certain period. For more information, you can directly visit the website. it’s very easy, isn’t it?

Rolls Royce Phantom

This is an ultra-luxurious high-end style of a sedan. Originated from England, most distinguished on the square grill and spirit of ecstasy sculpture. This car equipped with a V12 engine and a very luxurious interior and trim. Rear seats are reclining type like in the first-class airline combining a box for wine. The owner of these cars usually hire chauffeur, don’t worry to get rain, this car also has an umbrella on its door. Starting cost 300,000 USD.

Land Rover Range Rover

Nothing is more famous than this SUV range rover. Almost everybody recognizes this vehicle. Equipped with V6 to preferred V10 engine this car can do on any terrain. With a weight around 2,5 ton, Range Rover interior’s is wrapped with leather and 6 seat layout. Range rover could cost you more than 150,000 USD.

Bentley Continental GT

Now come on a luxurious touring coupe car. The Bentley Continental has come around for several years. With high performance, the engine combines with comfort, this car equipped with a V12 engine. The seat is available in a 2+2 layout with a coupe or convertible body style. The Interior is no debatable, comes in top-notch leather and wood trim. This car can cost you at 250,000 USD as a starting price.