Most Influenced of Japanese Sports Car in 1990s

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Toyota Supra mark IV ( 1993-2002 )

A replacement from it’s predecessor of Toyota supra mark III. Toyota supra mark IV with body code A80 was a legend, with new engine 2JZ-GE ( 220hp ) and twin turbo 2JZ-GTE ( 276hp ) and adopted frame, suspension and drivetrain from lexus Z30 Soarer it’s was launched in 1993. For export model has increasing the power to 321 hp.
In early 2000, Sportscar sales were decreased that makes reason Toyota stop its production in august 2002.

Nissan Skyline GT-R Fifth Gen ( 1998-2002 )

Skyline GT-R with body code R34 were introduced in late 1998 featured new engine RB26DETT and RB28DETT with dual turbocharger, it can produced 280 hp with maximum 1.2 bar of turbo pressure. R34 also equipped with Multifunction Display (MFD) that show features like oil temperature, intake and exhaust gas temperature, gravity force meter also in V-spec model equip with ATTESA E-TS pro system for active LSD.

Honda NSX First Generation ( 1989-2005 )

In 1989 Chicago Motor Show, Honda were introduced NSX as known as New Sportscar eXperimental. With feature of all aluminum semi monocoque body, adopted design from F-16 fighter jet design and high performance aerodynamic with 3.0 L engine produced almost 300 horse power.

First In 1984, Honda had project collaboration with pininfarina, an Italian car design to design Honda concept HP-X ( Honda Pininfarina- eXperimental ). The target is to beat Italian & Germanian sports car, later on the concept prototype later were more developed and engineered by Honda designer chief Masahito Nakano and executive chief engineer Shigeru Uehara.

Honda NSX has many version such as NSX-R in 1992 with upgrade balance of performance and daily driveablity. NSX-T in 1995, NSX-J and NSX S-zero in 1997 only for Japanese domestic market, NSX “Alex Zanardi” as tribute for CART Champ Car. And major facelift in 2002.
In 2005, Honda stop production line of NSX with total 18.000 units were produced.

Mazda RX-7 Third Generation ( 1992-2002 )

Third Generation of Mazda RX-7 with body code FD it’s successor of previous Mazda RX-7 second generation. 3rd generation RX-7 have new rotary engine 13B-REW 1.3L with sequential turbocharger generated 280 hp. It has many version which upgraded the engine and accessories for each version. Last version is RX-7 Spirit R of its ultimate version of mazda RX-7