These Are Benefits of An Electric Car

Electric cars have grown in popularity lately, perhaps because of technological advances that safer for the environment and mass production with government subsidiary makes more affordable. meanwhile, many people are still wondering whether switching from a gasoline car to a fully electric car. This is due to a lack of expertise about EV (Electric Vehicle) and its capabilities. Here we will discuss the advantages that electric cars offer that you cannot get from a gasoline-fueled car. If you think about buying an electric car, there are benefits you can get. The first is these cars are safer for the environment if you compared to petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. But before you choose to buy a new car, let’s take a look at what advantages these electric cars have to offer.

Environmental Friendly

Countless people choose to buy electric vehicles simply because they are more environmentally friendly than the alternative. These cars have absolutely no exhaust system, which means it won’t produce the same emissions as regular cars. Gasoline-powered vehicles are a major contributor to the generation of greenhouse effect through gases, which adversely affect the Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, own an EV car means helping to keep the air much cleaner and keeping the earth healthy.

Electricity is Cheaper than Gasoline

According to research, the average person spends $ 0.15 per mile driving a petrol car. It may seem like a small amount, but try to compare it with what we spend on electric cars, only $ 0.5 per mile! This is because EV is much cheaper than gasoline.

Low Maintenance Costs

As we know, gasoline-powered cars require a lot of maintenance such as changing the oil. Electric cars do not use regular oil change and do not require maintenance or anything else linked to the gasoline engine. Anything to do with combustion engines in traditional cars is not required in electric cars.

Electric cars are quieter

Anyone who lives in a noisy area or district with a busy road will agree on how loud the car can be for some hour. Meanwhile, the electric car has an engine that is very quiet and almost silent. It is very quiet that it has led some US legislators to suggest that EV cars be installed with devices to produce noise to ensure pedestrians aware that EV car is moving nearby.

Safer Driving

Recent discoveries suggest that several features of an electric car can increase safety. Electric cars have a lower center of gravity and make them less prone to roll over. Electric cars also have a lower risk of experiencing fire or explosion. Besides, the body construction and durability of an electric car make the driver safer in the event of a collision.

Luxurious Cars Around the World

Every Luxurious car has its market, such as some countries in Asia, they like to own luxurious comfort big MPV rather than a sedan. Both offer big engine displacement with standard V6 to the optional engine like V12. They are expensive but some have rapid depreciation. Rich people wouldn’t care about depreciation, fuel economy, or service cost what they want to ride is prestige and comfort. We would like to discuss what is luxurious trend cars around the world, we also put starting price on it but it may vary as taxes differentiate in each country.

Toyota Alphard

If you go across southeast Asia, you may see this car around. Toyota Alphard is a luxurious van with sliding doors, comes with a flat 4 engine and optional V6 engine. Toyota Alphard is one of the most favorites for rich people, offering 6 seater and 4 seater captain seats this car can handle a comforting journey from town to town or outside the province. Toyota has renowned for reliability and less service cost if you compare with European cars, this causes the car as a favorite for rich people. The cost of the new Toyota Alphard starts around 80,000 USD.

BMW 5 series & Mercedes Benz E-class

Both cars are undeniably for any reason to be luxurious mid-sedan in all around the world. They are offering from inline 4 engine to high-performance v8 engine, some include forced induction. Interiors are wrapped with leather, Alcantara, also wood trim or carbon fiber as optional. These cars would be the perfect choice for rich people who like to modify their cars as personal preferred. Mercedes E class also comes in sedan, wagon, and coupe body while BMW only offered in sedan and wagon. BMW has a coupe-style body but in different series which on 4 series only. This mid-sedan starting prices around 60,000 USD with full option could cost 130,000 USD. If you want to get Mercedes-benz car for free you can visit and play in There are several item that you may get such as rolex watch, iphone, and motorcytle. You only have to deposit and play games regularly for a certain period. For more information, you can directly visit the website. it’s very easy, isn’t it?

Rolls Royce Phantom

This is an ultra-luxurious high-end style of a sedan. Originated from England, most distinguished on the square grill and spirit of ecstasy sculpture. This car equipped with a V12 engine and a very luxurious interior and trim. Rear seats are reclining type like in the first-class airline combining a box for wine. The owner of these cars usually hire chauffeur, don’t worry to get rain, this car also has an umbrella on its door. Starting cost 300,000 USD.

Land Rover Range Rover

Nothing is more famous than this SUV range rover. Almost everybody recognizes this vehicle. Equipped with V6 to preferred V10 engine this car can do on any terrain. With a weight around 2,5 ton, Range Rover interior’s is wrapped with leather and 6 seat layout. Range rover could cost you more than 150,000 USD.

Bentley Continental GT

Now come on a luxurious touring coupe car. The Bentley Continental has come around for several years. With high performance, the engine combines with comfort, this car equipped with a V12 engine. The seat is available in a 2+2 layout with a coupe or convertible body style. The Interior is no debatable, comes in top-notch leather and wood trim. This car can cost you at 250,000 USD as a starting price.

The Best Betting Sports Cars with Strong History

You may have to get sports car with strong history value that they are still producing with new design, performance, accessories but it won’t leave the history value. Some of the gained popularity from racing championship, popularity through sales, television show and from auto racing betting event. This racing event usually held in the big city and take sponsorship from many gambling websites. Some website like also give more services like tips to placing your bet with outrageous winning chance. Now we can know that everything that happened today is not far away from the growing of technology. As performance technology & economical mpg improve every year, sports car below aren’t sacrifice the feel, driving performance.

Porsche 911

Porsche 911

First build in 1963 by Porsche, Porsche 911 is based on 2 doors coupe with rear mounted engine. Some offer rear 2 WD or 4 WD. it has so much history value. From race to special event it makes Porsche 911 really famous as best sports car. It has based model style such as targa with stainless steel clad roll bar, carrera is top of the line model, GT 2 RS is focus on high performance, GT 3 RS is track focus 911 carrera version, and many more limited edition version.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Also called as “Pony Car” it’s one of American sports muscle car icon. Mustang was first build in 1962, design as roadster rear wheel drive with 2+2 seater, some offer soft top version. Attended so many championship and racing event. It also famous for 3rd party project to modified this car such as Saleen, Shelby, BOSS, Roush, Steeda.

Chevrolet Corvette

Cevrolet Corvette

Corvette is sports car with front, mid, rear engine, 2 doors convertible or coupe first introduced in 1953 by General Motors. As second generation of corvette with stingray concept idea makes it widely known as American Sports Car icon. Corvette become synonym of freedom and adventure when television shows “route 66”



First introduce in 1984, it’s based on BMW 5 series with upgrade performance from OEM, it’s such an iconic sports saloon / wagon. M5 has produced in every line of BMW 5 series. Without sacrificing comfort and luxurious style of the 5 series, BMW M5 increase popularity for fastest sedan.

Most Recognize of British Classic Sports Car

British Classic Sports Car

Jaguar E-type

Jaguar E-type is a British sports car, manufactured in 1961-1975 and design for performance, beauty, and racing look, It also became an icon of motorsports.

With designed and constructed as monocoque body, with disc brake, rack-and-pinion steering, and the engine adopted from D-type race car. It claimed top speed can reach to 150 mph ( 241 km/h ) and about 7 second from 0-60 mp/h.

E-type was introduced as rear wheel drive car with grand coupe design in 2 + 2 seat. It has 3 series of different versions. Series 1 produced in 1961-1964 had 3.8L engine it’s most valuable as collectible essential. Series 2 was produced in 1968-1971, it has numerous change due to U.S regulation. Noticeable on exterior with removed headlight cover. It’s global change version which reduced the horsepower from 265 hp to 246 hp also reduced torque from 283 nm to 263 nm. E-type series 3 was introduced in 1971 with new engine 5.3 L and 12 cylinders engine, updated brake, power steering. This series was introduced to 24 hours le mans competition. The engine claimed producing 272 hp and acceleration 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

Enzo Ferrari called it as “it’s most beautiful car ever made” in 1961. It also noticeably as top 100 most beautiful cars by the daily telegraph online. And Sports car international magazine put it in one of the list in the Top Sports Car in 1960s.

Aston Martin DB-4

It’s predecessor of Aston Martin DB mark III, with completely new body and engine. This car was build in 1958-1963. The design in Italy its influenced by Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato and Lagonda Rapide 4-doors, and with lightweight construction technique & 3.7L engine with 240 hp make this car can go to 224 km/h and accelerate from 0-60 mph in 9.3 seconds.

It has many version with convertible top, DB4 GT Zagato with 2 available engine 3.7 L and 3.8 L that produced around 305 hp only 75 version of DB4 GT Zagato were produced. DB4 Vantage which has increase the original engine performance that produced 266 Hp.

Most Influenced of Japanese Sports Car in 1990s

The best japan sports car

Toyota Supra mark IV ( 1993-2002 )

A replacement from it’s predecessor of Toyota supra mark III. Toyota supra mark IV with body code A80 was a legend, with new engine 2JZ-GE ( 220hp ) and twin turbo 2JZ-GTE ( 276hp ) and adopted frame, suspension and drivetrain from lexus Z30 Soarer it’s was launched in 1993. For export model has increasing the power to 321 hp.
In early 2000, Sportscar sales were decreased that makes reason Toyota stop its production in august 2002.

Nissan Skyline GT-R Fifth Gen ( 1998-2002 )

Skyline GT-R with body code R34 were introduced in late 1998 featured new engine RB26DETT and RB28DETT with dual turbocharger, it can produced 280 hp with maximum 1.2 bar of turbo pressure. R34 also equipped with Multifunction Display (MFD) that show features like oil temperature, intake and exhaust gas temperature, gravity force meter also in V-spec model equip with ATTESA E-TS pro system for active LSD.

Honda NSX First Generation ( 1989-2005 )

In 1989 Chicago Motor Show, Honda were introduced NSX as known as New Sportscar eXperimental. With feature of all aluminum semi monocoque body, adopted design from F-16 fighter jet design and high performance aerodynamic with 3.0 L engine produced almost 300 horse power.

First In 1984, Honda had project collaboration with pininfarina, an Italian car design to design Honda concept HP-X ( Honda Pininfarina- eXperimental ). The target is to beat Italian & Germanian sports car, later on the concept prototype later were more developed and engineered by Honda designer chief Masahito Nakano and executive chief engineer Shigeru Uehara.

Honda NSX has many version such as NSX-R in 1992 with upgrade balance of performance and daily driveablity. NSX-T in 1995, NSX-J and NSX S-zero in 1997 only for Japanese domestic market, NSX “Alex Zanardi” as tribute for CART Champ Car. And major facelift in 2002.
In 2005, Honda stop production line of NSX with total 18.000 units were produced.

Mazda RX-7 Third Generation ( 1992-2002 )

Third Generation of Mazda RX-7 with body code FD it’s successor of previous Mazda RX-7 second generation. 3rd generation RX-7 have new rotary engine 13B-REW 1.3L with sequential turbocharger generated 280 hp. It has many version which upgraded the engine and accessories for each version. Last version is RX-7 Spirit R of its ultimate version of mazda RX-7

Everything You Need to Know About Ford GT40

Ford GT40 The Legendary Car

Ford GT40 is very well known because it won 24 Hours Le Mans championship four consecutive times in 1966 to 1969. With Henry Ford II attendance and fully support to mark II of Ford GT40 made it’s the first American manufacture that win 24 hours Le Mans.

GT40 was produced based on British lola mk6, it design and built in England. Car named GT mean to be Grand Touring while 40 representing height 40 inch measured at windshield as requires for the rules of 24 Hours Le Mans.

GT40 was produced to win the le mans against Ferrari which already won 6 times in a row from 1960 to 1965. It using V8 engine rather than Ferrari’s V12 engine, with displacement 4.2 L, 4.7 L, and 7 L while Ferrari has 3 L and 4 L engine displacement.

The History of Ford GT40

It began when ford reportedly received that Enzo Ferrari was interested in selling to Ford. Ford reportedly spend million dollars to audit Ferrari Factory & assets. But later on Ford banned Ferrari to attend Indianapolis 500 championship as a negotiation because ford didn’t want their championship against Ferrari. After hear that, Enzo were so enraged and cut the deal.

To fight against endurance championship, Ford later negotiate with Lotus, Lola, and Cooper to build a prototype for endurance car, but they had limited ability cause they’re already focus on formula one project and indy 500.

Later on Ford found agreement with Lola which they send 2 cars powered by 4.7 L Ford v8 mid-engine and redesign with John Wyer from Aston Martin designer.

The Racing Story of Famous Ford GT40

In 1964, Ford GT40 mark I was send first car for raced in Nurburgring 1000km race and 24 hours Le Mans but it failed. Then Carroll Shelby took over the project. From the previous report, Shelby build with his own team to produce it’s mark II in 1964-1965 and won Daytona 2000, 12 hours sebring and 24 hours le mans with finished in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Ford Gt40 Version From Start

MK I is early prototype of GT40 with 4.2 L v8 Engines. MK II is successor from MK I with 7.0 L v8 engines, it’s modified by Carroll Shelby with replacing the gearbox from ZF to Ford design galaxies set. It also have B spec version which improve 15 hp, improve heat cooling capabilities construction, shaft, and transaxles also getting upgraded. MK III was a road car production of GT40 with 4.7 L engine, produced 306 hp.

Most Famous Off Road Car In The History

They are very well known for off road car capabilities. Mostly they were built for military purpose. Each generation upgrading performance, comfort, stability it’s also spread around the world. Here some example of the cars.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Famous Toyota Land Cruiser

First introduce in 1951 as jeep-style vehicle, Land Cruiser were produced in convertible, hard top, station wagon, and cab chasis body. It’s very popular because of capability, reliability, and longevity for using on rough terrain, though environment & temperature. Begin in 1941 when Japan occupied philipin, American Jeep were so popular back then. The Japanese government wants local production factory brand such Toyota to built this type of vehicle, then it was built in 1941 for military purpose with influenced by willys designed. Later in 1954 it known as Land Cruiser began sales for civilian. In 2019 total sales is more than 10 million worldwide.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender 2015

Initially called as defender 90 and defender 110. It’s British off road car with name 90 mean 90 inch LWB, and 110 LWB. First production was introduced with range rover badge. But in 1989 land rover build “Discovery” model then avoid to misspelled by changing the name of defender. In 1985 land rover defender has improve long wheelbase version with 127 inch which called as defender 130. This vehicle is very well known for governmental affairs. Between 1997 to 2001, Defender 90 and 110 offer the BMW M52 petrol engine when land rover own by BMW group.

Mercedes G-class

Best mercedes G class

Introduced in 1979, G-class first manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria and it’s called punch G. Its midsize off road SUV with boxy style body on frame construction. First developed as military purpose but offer to civilian in 1979. The development start in 1972 with special agreement from Magna Steyr with Daimler Benz, the prototype has gone through various testing in Germany. It’s very popular for military operation till now around the world.